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Our Hairs

What Hairs New Star Is Offering?

New Star sources and supplies 100% natural human hair strictly and ethically. Our company provides three types of hair for your choice.

Premium 11A Virgin Hair

The highest grade of hair we have is 11A, it’s collected from single donor and tied with yellow rubber band.

New Star 11A virgin hair preserves the intact cuticles and has the roots and tips maintained in the same direction. It’s healthy, strong and flexible as they are never processed harshly with chemicals. You could perm, iron flat, bleach and dye the hair without any troubles. New Star 11A virgin hair could be bleached to #613. Having the roots and tips fallen into the same direction as well as intact cuticles brings a lot of benefits, it helps to hold your style better and keep colors applied on hair well. And with all the hair naturally flowing in the same direction, it’s less likely to get knot and tangle which gives you the smooth and sleek look that you love.

So if you are looking for some really good virgin hair that could always accomplish your hair style, New Star’s 11A virgin hair will be your perfect choice.

10A Virgin Hair

What 10A virgin hair and 11A virgin hair have in common is that both of them are collected from single donor as well as having same direction cuticles preserved. That means that our 10A hair has the same advantages of 11A like long lasting, healthy, strong, flexible, shiny and easy to be maintained and styled. New Star 10A virgin hair is softer and darker compared with 11A virgin hair. However, 10A hair does not perform as good as 11A hair when it’s about bleaching and coloring. It can’t be bleached to very light shades.

The price of 10A hair is lower than our 11A hair, so if you are on a budget, 10A hair is definitely a very good option.

Remy Hair

To meet the needs of our customers, Remy hair is also available in New Star. New Star’s Remy hair has its natural nutrition retained, it’s soft, smooth and sleek. All of the Remy hair’s also sourced strictly and under serious quality control by New Star. We make sure that you could find the best type of Remy hair from us.

Customers who are running low on the budget and after natural-looking hair should definitely go for our Remy hair.