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Company Profile

New Star Hair Story

More than 200 years ago, someone in a village in Henan started to gather and tidy hairs, and then sold to German. Gradually, every family here started to do business to gather and tidy hairs.
In 2004, Lei Zhang who was just graduated from university came to Africa by lucky chance. The vast and original African land was full of life. Everything here was fascinated. In the next three years, Lei Zhang went to many places. Honesty and goodness of Africans deeply touched him and meanwhile during the communication with African friends, Lei Zhang felt that African young women longed for long hair. Lei Zhang decided to help them realize their dream. Thus, when he went back to Henan, his hometown, he started to learn how to make raw hair products, went to India, Brazil, etc. to inspect raw material market and began to research and develop virgin hair products.
In the winter of 2008, on the street of Brooklyn in New York, when Lei Zhang was travelling in America and waiting for a taxi, the car did not arrived for a long time. Lei Zhang felt so cold and shivered. At that time, an African American madam opened her door and invited Lei Zhang to get in and warm himself, with a cup of hot coffee. Lei Zhang was so moved and very grateful to the madam. They had a happy conversation. But when Lei Zhang mentioned the hair, the madam couldn't help sighing in despair, because she had very bad experiences to buy Brazilian virgin hair for some time. Those hair looked very beautiful at first. But after using for some time (usually one month), there would be many problems, such as tangling, shedding, etc. And they could not be well colored. She had to throw them away and buy a new one which cost a lot of money.
On the way back, by the madam's experiences, Lei Zhang deeply realized that demands of consumers to the hair was not limited to appearance molding. They paid more attentions to quality, asking the hair not only had long service life but also could be easily colored and taken care of. This personal experience made Lei Zhang still further determined to produce a kind of hair that could be repeatedly and long-term used. After many years development, Lei Zhang founded "new star" hair brand in 2012, which only adopts high-quality and healthy virgin hair as raw material, the highest technology and experience of the current hair production to make high quality and good technology. These Brazilian hair wholesale here can not only be healthily and long-term used but also help every woman pursuing beautiful long hairs to realize dreams and become bright and beautiful like stars every day.

New Star Hair Company

Production Flow

The following pictures show hair production process, which are taken from each workshop of our hair factory. After seeing this, you will get a better understanding on how your weaves and extensions are made.

1, Collecting raw hair material. Hairs could be collected from women in different countries, such as China, Brazil, Malaysia, India and so on. Hairs of the highest quality must be cut from one woman and tied as a single piece. Each piece will be in different length.

2, Washing the hair. After collecting hairs on the market, you must wash them before doing the next step, because hairs cut from different persons will have a certain of hair issues, they are also dirty. Wash the hairs piece by piece.

3, Sorting, also means arranging hair.  Collected hairs must be in different thickness percentage, because some people have long hair, some have a mix long and short hair. So, it is better to arrange the hairs to ensure they are even.

4, Picking the bad hairs from each piece. On a separate piece of hair, not all of them are in a healthy condition, it may contains white hairs or hairs with frizzy ends. We will do our best to pick these bad hairs.

5, Weighing each separate piece of hairs. We do this because we want our customers to know the exact weight of each bundle they are purchasing.

6, Sewing. On the root of the hair, I meaning the cutting end, you must sew the hairs together with machine.

7, Weaving. In this step, the workers will tie the weaves by hands or machine.

8, Forming. To style the hair into unique patterns like body wave, our hair experts will use special tools to achieve special wave or curl patterns.

9, Drying. We must dry the extra moisture existed in the hair to ensure that they could be stocked for a long time.

10, The step of ironing is to straighten the hair.

There are also other processes in our factory, like bleaching and dyeing. If there is any chance, welcome to visit our company.