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What is Baby Hair

Baby Hair

Baby hair is some hair pieces gelled down on your forehead, and give you a look like of being a little sweaty and greasy. It's a huge misunderstanding if you think baby hair only grow on newborn baby, adults and especially trendsetters also can make fashion styles and accessories to this hair style.

Baby hair may become this year's big trend. In the first season of 2015, there are three fashion shows, Givenchy show, Caitlin Price show at London Fashion Week and DKNY SS15 show are all reveal their new look on baby hair. Models show off dozens of different baby hair hairstyles from their hairdressers on the runway with decorative jewelry and accessories, they definitely look fabulous and beautiful under spot light.

In fact, baby hair is not the thing only bloom in this year's spring, a couple of cultures have already applied the hairstyle for decades, black women culture and Latin American culture are what I am talking about. As I know, the hairs was pop at nineties once. But strangely enough, no so much responses back to that time, and now suddenly it goes public and even probably goes viral later. I hope it only concerns about cultural difference and fashion taste in distinct periods.

There are way tons of styles and patterns of baby hair can be done on girls' forehead and their hairlines. Commonly hair edges for black girls, slick down baby hair hairline and curly tendrils on the certain side of forehead are most been seen baby hair appearance among celebrities and fans.

How you can make your own baby hair style? Watch video tutorial from Youtube made by Tahira Shaikh.

The materials you'll need according to the video include: a little cup of water, a tooth brush, grease(or something like jello and edge control that moisturize your hair).


  1. Wet your baby hair by using tooth brush
  2. Brush your baby hair down
  3. Moisturizing those hairs with edge control
  4. Place and sweep your baby hair to fit your final look
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