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  • Tips on Purchasing The Best Lace Wigs Online

    Full Lace Wig Body Wave

    There are not too many choices if you want to buy a lace wig a few years agao, because good quality lace wigs were only available to celebrities and those who usually appeared in the public. Now, because the online shopping business development, we can buy lace wigs at affordable prices. This article will guide you how to buy the best lace wig online.

    When purchasing online, you may notice that there are full lace wigs and lace front wigs. They have some difference. Full lace wig has a cap inside that is covered with lace. A full lace wig is very versatile, a lot of hair styles could be achieved with it like ponytails, up-dos and others. While a front lace wig only features lace in frontal part, the remaining part of the wig cap is normal netted texture.

    Full Lace Wig Back

    Once you know the difference of these two lace wigs, it is easy for you to make your personal decision. Generally speaking, a full lace wig is much better than a frontal lace wig, however, the latter is much more affordable because it uses less lace.

    There are a lot of hair vendors online, they all claim their hair products to be in high quality and offer free shipping, so it is a little difficult to choose the vendor with affordable and high quality lace wigs. So, in the following, I list some tips that help you make a good choice:

    Full Lace Wig Cap

    Most frontal lace wigs are made of synthetic fibers or processed hair, they only last for several weeks, if you find a hair vendor that offers lace frontal wigs made of unprocessed human virgin hair, then the wig will last for several months, but the money you need to spend will be more.

    All hair stores only offer positive reviews on their official site, some reviews are falsely made, do not only trust these testimonies on their official site, look reviews from external sites such as Youtube.

    It is very important to know the difference between full lace wig and lace frontal wig before making your choice. A frontal lace wig is usually liked by women with a budget plan. These wigs will come in a variety of hair textures, just choose the one perfectly match your style.

  • High Quality Human Hair Wig is Worth Buying

    Straight Human Hair Wig

    Whatever reasons you choose to wear a hair wig, many people do not want others to know they are wearing a wig. It is very fortunate for black women to wear hair wigs because they are looking incredibly natural. High quality virgin hair wig is a great protective style to avoid embarrassment.

    A good hair wig should look as natural as your own hair, you can style it the same way as your own. But some people want to pay a cheaper bill on high quality hair wig, that's impossible. A great wig is worth your every penny.

    Straight Human Hair Lace Wig

    High quality hair wig should look perfect, the wave and curls will be full and big, actually such type of hair wig should not look like a wig, it should be one part of your own hair. Besides, it feels so light on your head, brings much comfort. A wig made of 100% human virgin hair is supposed to be used for a long time.

    Choose a quality human hair wig, it will look one part of your healthy natural hair. With a stylish and natural look, you can wear a wig for parties.

    Synthetic wigs are rigid and the hair fibers are too shiny. While human hair wigs are more versatile. With a human hair wig, you can perform any type of hair styles you want. The wig can also accept dying and bleaching.

    If you have trouble making a decision on whether the hair wig you are looking at is good or not, just post the hair link to your friends and get some ideas. Do not only judge from the customers reviews on website, go search for reviews on the internet. Here I recommend a trusted hair dealer for you, it is New Star Hair, they not only carry high quality hair weaves and closure, but also top grade human hair wigs in straight, body wave and other textures. Check the hair wig catalog at to find the most suitable human hair wig for you.

  • Is It Wise for You to Buy Cheap Human Hair Bundles?

    New Star Hair Textures

    Sometimes it is very expensive to buy bundles and extensions from your local salon store, even over $500 for only one piece. So a lot of people are looking for cheap human hair bundles on the internet, while many hair vendors mark their products as cheap human virgin hair. It is very disappointed to find the hair looking like a wig but showing a plastic appearance when choosing the cheapest hair bundles online, and the hair start to break after being installed for a while.

    Some hair stores online do offer top quality hair extensions and bundles at affordable price. The problem is it's very difficult to find such hair dealer online, even you consider the first page results when searching for cheap hair bundles. To help you make a more wise decision, we collected some pros and cons of purchasing hair bundles online, here are some important factors you need to consider when looking for cheap hair extensions online.

    Most cheap hair extensions are made of poor quality hair that were collected from the floor. After being collected, the hair will be treated with harsh chemicals, then the hair will have a more natural look, in other words, to add some shine to the hair. However, after washing the hair a few times, the hair will lose its shine and natural look. Even you treat those types of hair with expensive products, they will not restore their shine and natural look.

    While searching for a hair supplier that could offer you cheap hair extensions at affordable rates, you should take some factors into consideration that will help you decide which hair supplier is better.

    Once you find a supplier, take a look at reviews people have left, if you are going to shop on their official website, do not only consider the reviews on their site, search additional reviews about them on the internet.

    Check if the hair company you are going to buy from offers guarantee on their products, it will be good if they offer a complete return and refund policy.


    Purchasing cheap hair extensions online offer leads to disappointment, however, if you are buying from a reliable hair company, you will get high quality hair products. For example, New Star Hair is a great hair company offers top quality virgin hair bundles and closures, the hair products provided by them are not only in high quality, but also sold at a very low rate. 100% customer satisfaction is the only objective they are in pursuit.

  • Suggestion on Buying Hair Weaves

    Virgin Hair Weave

    I wrote this article to help those who want to purchase human virgin hair weaves online at the most affordable price.

    Usually I do not suggest wearing weaves on top of your damaged hair. Many girls are too busy, they are not willing to braid their hair and cut out the perm. They put a wig on their thick locks, this will destroy the patches of hair permanently.

    Buy good quality virgin hair weave. The cheaper the weaves are, the worse they will treat your hair. If the weaves are blending with your natural hair, be aware of harsh tracks.

    Your hair needs a break. Sometimes we splurge on weaves that are supposed to last three to six months, because we budgeted for such. But your hair tells you that it needs a break for the safety of the hair your cherish underneath.

    Treat weaves well always, they put the most stress on your edges. And wigs could be the toughest section of your hair to get back in good condition.

    It is not a shame to rock cool weaving style on your own hair. Make your firm decision on weaves, it is not your fault if your natural hair is not good and you want to pursue beauty.

  • Some Wrong Ways to Wash Your Hair Extensions

    Washing your extensions is very simple, but there are some wrong ways you may have used to damage your hair extensions. Here are some wrong behaviors you should avoid.

    1. Wash your hair extensions too frequently. This will make your hair become dry and break, what's worse, frequent washing can also lead hair shedding from wefts. Too much chemical and heat will lead hair to lack of moisture.

    Finger Through Wet Hair

    2. Before washing, you did not comb the hair extensions. Brush the hair before washing, or the hair will be knotted. Combing can decrease hair shedding, it also keeps hair luster and bouncy.

    3. Use too much shampoo.

    Combing Wet Hair

    4. Comb hair when it is wet. The hair is very easy to break when it is wet, so do not comb the hair when wet.

    Have you done these to your hair? Do not worry, follow me here to get the right way to wash hair extensions next.

    1. Divide your hair into two sections, brush with a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb.

    2. When the hair is completely wet, apply a small amount of moisturzing shampoo to remove hair oil. I suggest your use herbal shampoo because it will not let your hair extensions brittle and dry.

    3. Apply good conditioner to your hair. Use the conditioner when the hair does not have too much water. Leave the conditioner on hair for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

    4. It is best to let the hair dry naturally. You do not need to add leave in conditioners or oils to the hair before drying it.

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