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  • Can New Star Hair Extensions Be Colored?

    Want to try different hair color each day? Hair extensions will make this much easier. Now with extensions, you can change your hair color as you will. Do not feel right today, you can take them out. Women always want to change their hairstyle to get fun, so hair extensions provide this convenience. They can change their hairstyle frequently without damaging their own hair. There is another reason why hair extensions are so popular is that they indeed boost the confidence of women who are experiencing hair loss.

    Could hair extensions from New Star be colored? The answer is Yes. Our hair products use 100% human virgin hair, they can be colored beautifully. The high quality 10A virgin hair does not tangle and shed. The pictures below show bleached or colored hair by our customers.

    Red Hair Color

    Before dying, the best way to get your desired color is to test on a strand of hair before applying on your whole extensions. To test how the chosen color turns out. You can adjust the hair color until the desired shade is achieved. Besides, if you want to bleach the hair, please tell us before placing your order, we will choose hair extensions in lighter color, so this will be easier for you to get a good bleaching result.

    Bleaching 613 Hair

    Rose Red hair Color

  • Get Your Hair on New Star

    Body Wave 4 Bundles

    Our Brazilian virgin hair bundles use 100% human hair that is chemical free. Each bundle goes through hair quality test and is unprocessed. Hair extensions from New Star could be cut, washed, straightened, curled, dyed and bleached to create a natural style, with extensions, you can change your look within minutes. Our hair is soft with natural shine, each bundle with strong weft, so there is minimal shedding, intact cuticles on hair ensure there is no tangle. Under color test, we dyed medium brown to dark 1B or bleaching dark hair color to #613 Russian Blonde. If you are looking for high quality top virgin hair at affordable prices, New Star is good for you.

    Hair Textures

    Body Wave
    Natural Wave
    Loose Wave
    Deep Wave
    Loose Curl
    Deep Curl
    Kinky Straight
    Kinky Curly

    Monthly Sale

    Every month we will hold a giveaway event on our Instagram page at @newstarhairleon, the winner will get three bundles of hair for free and one coupon code. Besides, each month we will also plan a sale promotion on our official site, the discount will be 5% to 8% off.


    100% human hair
    Focus on quality
    Affordable price, do not be fooled by overpriced competitors
    Hair could be easily colored and styled
    Full in-line cuticles to reduce tangle
    Double wefting


    Fast shipping, DHL and FedEx, less than 3-day delivery
    Every single package is provided with tracking
    Shipping confirmation email will be sent
    Secure shopping on our site
    Immediate reply to product inquiries

  • How to Keep Your Weaves Looking Fresh?

    Beach Waves

    If you do not take proper care for your weaves, they will not only look less than optimal, but aslo damage your real hair. It is best for you to shampoo and condition weaves regularly. Here are some tricks to keep your weaves looking fresh all the day.

    Co-washing. Cleaning your hair with shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair extensions from dirty hair oil and keep your hair moisturized. The gentle sulfate-free formulas will clean and condition your hair in one step, this will save you a lot of time every day.

    Dry your hair naturally and completely. There will be no good results from keeping your hair perpetually wet. Make sure you spend time outdoors during summer after washing your hair, allow your braided hair and scalp to dry completely.

    Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases. These have less friction, this means the sation or silk will not dry or roughen the hair cuticles.

    Braid or twist hair at night. If you sleep with your weaves loose at night, there will be an opportunity for tangle and frizzy hair. You will have to do a lot of detangling work then. Braid or twist the length during night, and you will have gorgeous beach weaves next day.

  • Simple Tips to Blend Extensions

    Blending Ombre Hair Extensions

    Do you know why some people just grow their hair overnight? Yes, the secret is hair extensions, which can transform your look in minutes. When you need volume, length or color, blending hair extensions is the most direct way.

    It seems to be simple to blend hair extensions with your hair, but to blend naturally, you need some expert tips.

    First, trim your hair extensions. Right layers is an important factor to make hair extensions blend well with your natural hair. Just cut them if you do not want your hair extensions to look fake. Layer correctly if you do not want to make your hair look choppy.

    If you have no idea on how to cut, please contact a professional, they can help layer your extensions and cut the hair to make sure they fit your face.

    Second, pick the right color. This tip is very important, Ombre hair is very popular, pick a color that is lighter than your natural hair, be sure to choose the extensions whose color goes from dark to light.

    Third, curling your hair. Although straight hair extensions look amazing, curling hair will make you look more sexy. Besides, curling your hair will help extensions fold into your natural hair.

  • How to Choose to Wear Suitable Length of Hair Extensions?

    Hair Extension Before and After

    Sometimes it is hard to make a decision on which length of hair extensions to choose. Today at New Star, we will bring you an easy guide on selecting the right hair length.

    It is important to get the right length but at the same time you want hair extensions to blend well with your own natural hair. Here are New Star, we offer hair bundles from 10 to 34 inch, the most popular length is 20-22 inches.

    The best way to check which length of hair extensions will perfectly match you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards. This will let you know how much longer of hair extensions you need when being compared to your own hair.

    Do not choose extensions that are too much longer than your own hair, although it is ok to wear long extensions in short hair, hair will look more natural if it is subtly blended with hair extensions.

    Rules are, hair that is already longer than shoulder length can be blended with longer extensions, hair that is shoulder length and above will work best with extensions that are no longer than 20-22 inches. It is best to know your hair extensions length choice, follow the guidelines above, you will have dream hair length and volume.

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