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  • How to Make Human Virgin Hair Extensions Blend Well With Your Natural Hair?

    Miranda Kerr Hair

    Q: I already have long hair, is it possible to wear longer hair extensions? I bought some hair extensions last time but they did not blend in at all, however, they are not real human hair. So I want to buy some real human virgin hair extensions this time, but I do not know whether they will blend with my hair, I do not want to waste my money, what do you think?

    A: You need to work with somebody to help you choose hair that will blend well with your own hair. I mean, you must buy hair extensions with a texture similar to your own hair. Synthetic hair fibers extension could be used with specific hair types, they can look very good and natural, but with European hair, the extensions will be noticeable unless you find European human hair extensions.

    There are several factors going to affect how natural your hair will look, including stylist performing skill, quality of hair, after care, etc.

    A good hair stylist can make your hair products work better, while good quality hair extensions will give you long-lasting and best looking result. However, the wearer must perform proper maintenance or the extensions won't last long.

    I suggest you visit a hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, discuss with them about options available and your budget. But you need to do your homework first, properly you do not need to research what are the best hair extensions, but some proper care methods need to be learned to keep extensions look good after applying.

  • Hair Loss and Extensions Questions

    Chrissy Teigen Wave Hair

    Q: I am an African American woman with thinning hair on top. I keep losing a lot of hair everyday, so I need some advice on wearing hair extensions or weaves.

    A: Thinning hair and hair loss may give you the problem, however, you may be not suitable to wear hair extensions or weaves, which use your natural hair as a base for hair extensions, in different ways.

    With weaves, your natural hair is usually braided to form a long narrow track, then a weft of hairs will be sewn to it by using a thread. You can also use glue to apply weaves to the existing hair.

    With extensions, there are braided extensions, natural hair is braided and extensions are woven into the braid. In recent day, the hottest extension technique is called bonding, extension hair strands are attached to natural hair using a special bonding agent and tool to seal the bond. All these extension techniques will put a lot stree on the natural hair, if your natural hair is thinning and you get a great hair loss, these techniques will not suit you. The bonding extension method is expensive, it is not wise for you to purchase this unless you have determined the cause of your hair loss.

    Hair loss is a common problem for nearly 40% of women who are by the age of 35. However, if your hair loss is significant, please consult with your physician. Hair loss may be a sign of illness, this causes an interruption in hair's normal growth. There is a better solution for dealing with your thinning hair, you can consider wigs. Wigs can blend with your natural hair and give you thicker and long hair, and they will not damage your existing hair. The cost of real human hair wig is much more expensive than weaves and extensions.

    Regardless of the way you decide to choose to deal with your hair loss, the most important thing you need to do is to see a doctor, determine the hair loss reason and get treatment. Wish you all the best.

  • The Cheapest but Real Human Hair Extensions

    Brazilian Wave Model Hair Show

    The price of hair extensions varies on a lot of factors, such as the extension type, the length, the hair source and hair manufacturer.

    For extension type, whether the hair is curly, in fusion bonding, or sewn into wefts or weaven into natural hair, the quality of the wefts can vary from manufacturer and hair source.

    Human hair is considered to be the best type of hair for extensions, but they are collected from a number of sources. The best hair should be Virgin Brazilian Hair that has been harvested from the scalp and all cuticles are aligned in the same direction. The hair has never been chemically processed, it is the most expensive hair available.

    The hair next is European Quality hair, actually it is not European hair, it is just like European hair that has been collected from Indian and Asian heads. There are much more Indian and Asian hairs on the market, so the hair extensions are usually less expensive.

    Asian or Indian hair is always dark black, then it must be chemically treated to give you the colors you want. Asian hair with intact cuticles is more expensive because extra care needed to be taken on the cuticle.

    The length of hair extensions is a major factor in price, it takes some time for the hair to grow. Hair extensions are available in every length such as 8", 12", 18" and 22", it could be estimated that the hair needs two months to grow past one inch. So the price will reflect the length of the time needed to grow hair extension.

    Finally, the hair manufacturer plays an important role in determining the price of the extensions. Sometimes, you are paying for the reputation of the hair manufacturer, and it is also a matter of quality.

    if you are searching for the best quality but least-expensive human hair extensions, the best tip is to find the human hair extensions that are exactly in the length you want. See what brands are available in the length you want, then ask people for opinions who have used these hair brands.

  • My Opinion on Do It Yourself Hair Extensions

    Salma Hayek Ombre Hair

    My hair is very brittle and coarse, they break very easily. So, how do I make them to grow beyond my shoulders? Are there any tips on how I can apply hair extensions by myself and get natural look? I was usually asked these questions by my clients in these days.

    First, for brittle hairs, you need to condition your hair daily by using a protein-rich conditioner, this will add strength and moisture. Treat your hair very gently, always keep your scalp clean and your hair to be conditioned, you will soon see an improvement in hair growth.

    As for DIY hair extensions tips, there are no. I always think that applying hair extensions should be a professional process, you should not attempt to perform by yourself. Improper extensions application can lead to hair breakage, if you have already dealing with brittle hair, do not apply hair extensions by yourself, or they will cause pulling tension to your scalp.

    You need to be trained to apply hair extensions properly, so this could perform safely and achieve a natural-looking result. If you want to enhance your natural hair while it is growing, the best solution is to get one hair wig you can wear. It will allow you to pull your own hair through the cap of the wig to achieve a thicker and fuller head of hair.

  • General Guidelines to Take Care of Your Curly Virgin Hair

    Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Hair

    You spent a large amount of money on hair extensions and then found they looked bad after several months, so do you feel frustrated. Investing in good quality hair extensions is just one step of the journey. Next you should put a lot efforts to ensure your hair extensions to last for a long time. It does not mean that you do not need to take care of them just because these extensions come with a two-year guarantee. Here are some guides for you to take care of them if you just bought some curly virgin hair extensions.

    Finger combing. Run your fingers through the hair to detangle them, do not always brush your curly hair extensions. Especially when your hair is dry, instant brushing will cause hair frizz and damage. A wide-tooth comb will be fine, the curls will bounce back when the hair is wet.

    Condition in a right way. When talking about conditioning, do not go wild. Conditioning your curly virgin hair extensions will add shine and gloss. However, do not submerge your extensions in too much conditioner, or they will look limp and dingy. Dirt will accumulate faster on your extensions that are over conditioned. So less is more, the right amount of conditioner will make your hair extensions look good. Kinky curly hair extensions tend to be much tigher and drier than other curly weaves, so they need a good amount of moisturizing or hydrating conditioner.

    Wash hair gently. Although you do not need to wash your hair extensions as frequently as your natural hair, the extensions still need to be washed sometimes. Use gentle shampoo to carry out the washing process, gently treat them like your own hair. Avoid brushing when your weaves are wet.

    Let your extensions air dry naturally. Too much heat will damage your hair, so nearly all hair stylists suggest air dry for your curly virgin hair extensions. After washing, allow your extensions to dry naturally before installing. Use a heated hair dryer on curly weaves will make them frizz and dry.

    Store your extensions well. When your hair extensions are not in use, wash and store them in a Ziploc bag. Apply some light essence spray on extensions before storing, so they will be soft and tange free when you are ready to use them again next time.

    Do not straighten your hair too often. Curly hair extensions have already accepted some treatment to achieve its unique look. If you use straightening iron too much, then this will put undue pressure on the hair. So, just limit the use of straightening tool to once every month.

    Apply heat protectant serums before using heat styling tools. Investing in a good heat protectant serum if you want to straighten your curly weaves every once a month.

    To have things done by professionals. Now it is easy to follow youtube video guidelines to cut, bleach and straighten your hair extensions. Although these videos show tips are easy to follow, I always suggest you cut, bleach and curl your virgin hair extensions by professionals.

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