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Mix Tape About Hair

I want to make a mix tape about hair to show my love to those beautiful stuff that  born with human. Think about a world of people who are all bald, does it sound horrible or what? Different people in different place have different hair type, but they share the same approaches to style the hair into multitudinous fashion hairdos, that is called creativity of clever human beings. Trust me, if you feel like not that pretty, try to make some changes to your hair, and then boom, you will be good-looking out of blue.

First song comes from animated movie Tangled, tells a fairy story about a long hair princess who owns healing magic power in her hair. This song in below video is the spell song sang to activate the magical power.

I love this song because this is the inner power of hair, everyone has. With our hair, we can begin our life journey in confidence and hope.

Second song is hair song from Pancake Manor recording for kids. We surely need to love and care our hair from our kid's time. The early time you start to care about your hair, the more slick and healthy your hair will be. I am not here to deceive you, but you should check out some videos about millions of louse in children's hair.

The third song in mix-tape is let your hair down from ournameismagicVEVO. This song shows us men love women's hair, they like to smell the hair when hugging, run fingers through the hair when staring, tease the hair when they really love their girls.

The fourth song is I Love My Hair from Sesame Street. The song is simple, but stress the point clear and loud, which is everyone loves his/her hair.

So this is my mixtape for hair, they are not really like old fashion style tape, but a modern playlist of songs. If you love your hair or something else, you should try make a mix tape too.

This post is inspired from Wordpress prompt Mix Tape, I hope you like it.

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