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Main Difference Between Virgin Hair And Non-Virgin Hair

I made an infographic to show the main difference between virgin hair and non virgin hair, I believe this is the question asked frequently by "virgin" hair weaves and extensions users. I hope this straightforward image will help some people.

Virgin Hair VS No-Virgin Hair

If you conclude those differences into one word, that would be quality. Virgin hair is of course much better than non-virgin hair, the natural appearance and durable quality are what virgin hair is named for.

To be clarified, women and girls are free to choose what is the most suitable hair for them, either 100% human virgin hair or artificial hair, even both. If you are going to attend some fancy activities, you may try the higher quality one, or if you just wear it some time then cheap one is fine.

As New Star Hair, we highly recommend virgin hair weaves and extensions, not because all the advantages I just listed, but also it is more effective and in fact will save you more dollars than the money you spend on Synthetic hair, and save your time and reduce your trouble also.

One thought on “Main Difference Between Virgin Hair And Non-Virgin Hair”

  • tshegofatso

    why women r the only ones considered sluts if they r not virgins? hey we don't sleep with goats it is the very same idiots who took our virginities. aren't they impure also cuz they r men? it's not like they r sleeping with goats.......le bona ke matshila

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