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How to Get Rid of a Perm

What is a perm

Changing the hair shape by chemical process to create a curl looking, we call it a perm. From this way the structure of hair would be changed. Most women realize that putting more chemicals in their hair could ultimately damage the hair, so they are very cautious to make a decision about whether or not to get a hair perm.

Hair Perm Process

The different types of perms include spiral, stack, spot and voluminous.

A new type of  perm has been created, that is digital perm. It can provide many popular styles to make difference curls by hairdresser and is more reliable than old way of a perm. Heat used in digital perm to help set the curl and so it will last a little longer.

Why people like a perm

It is a long story. There is nothing wrong for a woman love the beauty, most of women are not satisfied with their own natural hair. Assuming you have a straight hair, you may want to try curl hair waving for a while. That is the reason. A perm is accepted by more and more females. Even some males get permed in order to follow the fashionable style.

Can be Harmful for a Perm

Perms are maybe a culture thing of African America females for a long time, which can bring nice looking, add the body texture, make loose feeling, etc. But, people will pay the high price for this beauty - hair damaged, chemical touched to the skin, scalp irritation, hair lose, stunted hair growth, bad smell, etc. There is no way to change back to your natural pattern after a perm. However, you can wait until the perm grown out.  Also it is possible for a perm add to the problem creating dry brittle ends that lead to hair breakage. Until now, there is no evidence shows the relevance existed in skin and hair issues (for example, scalp cancer) connected to perm. But, please be carefully for a perm.

Get rid of a perm

A perm with a chemical processed method, the chemical break down the structure in  hair'nature texture, so it will not be easy to get rid of a perm. But, don't get disappointed, you can take those steps to get rid of a perm regularly to reduce the appearance of a perm.

1, washing hair regularly, especially for a perm just done few days ago. Just wash your hair immediately. It will be helpful to remove some chemical, and that would straighten your hair a little.

2, deep conditioner treatments. Apply conditioner may discourage curliness, which adds moisture to your hair and  prevent getting damaged from heat, sunlight, dirt etc. Before apply conditioner, we suggest you washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, then it will increase the weight of your hair. You will see, a weighted hair will create more straighten to your hair.

3, natural remedies. Olive oil and eggs, even fresh milk will help to repair the destruction due to a chemical perm. People used to call olive oil as "golden liquid" or "queen of vegetable oil". Olive oil works excellent to resolve a perm problem of your hair. Egg and fresh milk contains rich proteins to provide the nutrition of your hair.

4, trim your permed hair regularly. Waiting for your hair to outgrow the perm, which is a only safe way to get rid of a perm. I suggest you to trim your hair once a month.

Look at the video tutorial about removing perm from ehow.

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