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How Long Will Human Hair Extensions Last

All Hair Extensions, Wigs and Closures Are Dead

Many hair users expect to buy three bundles of any kinds of hair products and use them forever, unfortunately that's impossible. Because from the moment that hair get cut from head, they become dead hair gradually and eventually. It's like your detach a beautiful flower from its stem, which is the source of its energy and nourishment, the flower is going to die no matter how you arrange it into vase with water. This applies to hair that've been cut off. But don't you worry the word "dead" word I used frequently in this paragraph, they are still alive for now, still carrying hair nutrition and hair cuticles, they are totally fine to be installed to your natural hair, and with proper care, those hair could last longer more than your expectation.

Virgin Human Hair Extensions Lifespan

Virgin hair is one kind of hair, which must contain those factor: 100% human hair, hair gathered from one single donor, never been processed, hair cuticles are running in same direction, all the cuticle layers are whole, tangle free, completely natural looking. Virgin hair extensions is a high standard product compared to other hairs. The real virgin hair extensions can last long for a year or more with scrupulous care. Why? Because virgin hair never been dyed, permed, bleached. That means virgin hair still contain nutrition to make it still keep its essence.

New Star Hair Lifespan

New Star Hair Extensions are made from 100% virgin hair. Normally, Our virgin hair extensions can last for one year and even more with proper care.

Synthetic Hair Extensions Lifespan

Generally Speaking, how long will synthetic extensions last depend on the material of synthetic hair and how you take care of these extensions. Normally the synthetic extensions can last less than 2 month even several weeks.  Kanekalon synthetic extensions was known in western Africa and American, which can be used for a long time with technological advances. Some poor quality synthetic extensions would last one or two weeks, therefore it is cheap and can be maintained casually. You definitely would not feel any little bit pity when you have to throw them away, sometimes girls discard their synthetic extensions within 2 weeks just because of desiring to get new ones.

How To Increase the Extensions Lifespan

Women like to spend much money on hair extensions, so it's absolutely important to know how to take care your extensions well and how to use the right hair tools to increase their lifespan. Here are some tips from new star hair:

Storing: We always suggest you to store the extensions with it's original container. However, you can store it into a plastic bag.

Washing: We advise you washing the hair in a slow motion. Using the warm water to wet the hair first while gently working the shampoo in, then rinse. Scrubbing too hard is not allowed, which could do damages to the hair.

Brushing: Choose a nylon soft hair brush will be extra helpful to detangle the hair without damaging your extensions. Just tread your extensions as your own hair. Start to brush from at the bottom of extensions working their way up to the top. Make sure to be gentle to your extensions, holding the section in one hand while brushing it with another hand softly, from this way it will be helpful to decrease the pressure to your hair extensions.

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