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Deal With Hair Before Sleep

So you have a long and nice hair, and are afraid of bed head, don't worry about it, I've spent a certain amount of time for you collecting and categorizing some useful methods and tips to avoid jumbled hair when you wake up in the morning which would totally ruin your mood at very beginning of a day.

Basic Tips

  • Have a good sleep, it is the most important thing in the world. You should totally do this even if it means you give up nice hair in the morning. A good quality sleep would help a lot to your skin and hair, it is entirely nature and healthy. So don't stay late, better go to bed before 11 pm.
  • Get a good pillow, a soft, satin pillowcase for hair or any silk scarf is recommended by many other hair professionals.
  • Could try a satin nightcap.
  • Don't sleep with a wet hair, use a towel gently pinch out redundant water, then apply a hair drier blow dry your hair after washing. You can start with a hot air blow, and meanwhile comb your hair, then transfer to cold air mode or just wait for them to be airing naturally. Apply hot air all through could cause frizziness and flyaways problem.
  • Give yourself a scalp massage, kneading your forehead and scalp area turns out to be a good daily hack for one's hair growth. It won't spend you much time and you can do it by yourself at home, so give it a try. Here is an howto article about scalp massage, you should read it.

Common Methods

  • Brush your hair before bed, use a comb, softly brush your hair until it's smooth and not tangled.
  • Put your hair aside, don't just sleep upon them. And if you sleep with someone else, lay them to opposite or the interspace of two pillows. And it's better one pillow for each other.
  • Hold up your hair entirely, let them fold naturally or scatter if you get a big bed. Assume you have a steel bed, a platform bed or even a bed without headboard, then the best way is to place your hair uniformly or vertically on the head of bed.

Hair Styling on Bed

  • Apply hair rubber band lightly to tie a knot or bind a little ponytail at the end of hair, then make them tiled ahead, so that it won't mess up next morning. It is supposed to be the easiest way to secure your hair.
  • Braid two braided hair loosely both sides. It would comfit you better than just one braid, but of course it takes some time.
  • Styling a curly hair or get a short hair, that would save you all the troubles.
  • Get a high bun. If you get used to sleep on one side, get a high ponytail.
  • Check other hair styles would suit for you while sleeping.

Those are some good advice for your information to protect your hair while you are sleeping. There are more great methods on the Internet, you can search online.

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