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How to Hair

  • Simple Tips to Blend Extensions

    Blending Ombre Hair Extensions

    Do you know why some people just grow their hair overnight? Yes, the secret is hair extensions, which can transform your look in minutes. When you need volume, length or color, blending hair extensions is the most direct way.

    It seems to be simple to blend hair extensions with your hair, but to blend naturally, you need some expert tips.

    First, trim your hair extensions. Right layers is an important factor to make hair extensions blend well with your natural hair. Just cut them if you do not want your hair extensions to look fake. Layer correctly if you do not want to make your hair look choppy.

    If you have no idea on how to cut, please contact a professional, they can help layer your extensions and cut the hair to make sure they fit your face.

    Second, pick the right color. This tip is very important, Ombre hair is very popular, pick a color that is lighter than your natural hair, be sure to choose the extensions whose color goes from dark to light.

    Third, curling your hair. Although straight hair extensions look amazing, curling hair will make you look more sexy. Besides, curling your hair will help extensions fold into your natural hair.

  • Overnight Curly Hair

    Overnight Curls

    Sometimes we need a break from our curling iron and blow dryer. Your hair will be more healthy by staying damage free. When you do not want to style your hair, overnight curls will be a quick way without any heat treatment.

    If you want to try overnight curls, the following are tips on how to get that look, make sure you follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Things you will need:

    A wide-tooth comb
    Bobby pins

    It is better to start with wet hair, sleep with that hair with curled hairstyle.


    Shower and wash your hair as usual.

    Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair.

    Use a wide-tooth comb to brush any hair knots.

    Wrap one inch section of hair around your index finger, then pin to your head with bobby pins, repeat this step until all your hair is pinned.

    Sleep or wait your hair completely dry.

    Remove bobby pins and apply hairspray.

  • How to Lighten Natural Black Virgin Hair Extensions?

    Hair Bleaching

    First, you must prepare the materials needed to bleach your virgin hair extensions.

    Creme Developer
    Powder Bleach
    Applicator Brush
    Mixing Bowl

    Before doing the bleaching process, you can do an allergy test first. Build your working station, it is best to work somewhere with no carpet, because these coloring material will get on the carpet. Please also make sure you are wearing clothes which you do not care. Once all materials are gathered, brush your hair to remove tangles. Divide your hair into four equal parts, take other three sections away when you are working on one section.

    Please put on gloves to protect your skin. Add the bleach and developer to a bowl, the amount depends on your hair length. Add bleach powder and creme developer into a bowl, mix them together completely. Apple the bleach on your virgin hair extensions with a brush, from top to bottom. Please apply the bleach on each section and ensure every hair strand to be bleached. Once all hair is done, wait one or two hours before rinse the hair with warm water. Then do a deep moisturizer conditioning to your hair, rinse the hair again after 10 minutes. Finally let your hair air dry.

  • Celebrities Love Wearing Hair Extensions

    Hi girls, most celebrities in Hollywood love wearing hair extensions, whether it is for temporary use or daily wearing, they all wear hair extensions for appearance, and they are obsessed with how fabulous their hair looks. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears experienced hair loss, so they choose hair extensions, in this post, I will show you how these celebrities wear extensions.

    Nicole Richie shows her extensions below. The placement must be correct or the wind will blows and your extensions will drop. The color is amazing and the hair is very full.

    Nicole Richie Wearing Extensions

    Britney Spears is having the worst hair extensions. Her stylist really did bad thing. She shaved her head, and do not notice whether the extensions were showing or not.

    Britney Spears Shaved Head

    Look the photo below, Jennifer Lopez looks like an idol. Her hair extensions are extremely full, and you can see she does not have much of her own hair. As an artist and actress, she is constantly under the spotlight, so it is very normal that she wants her hair to look full. However, we recommend you to wear less extensions if you have thin hair because this will not weigh down your own hair.

    Jennifer Lopez Ponytail

    Lindsey Lohan also do not care whether her hair extensions were showing, the picture below shows she is wearing the micro beaded hair extensions. On our store, we offer such extensions in natural black and #613 color.

    Lindsey Lohan Micro Beaded Extensions

    There are some of my favorite celebrities and I am so excited to see they are transforming styles with hair extensions. Here on New Star Official Website, you can find all types of virgin hair extensions for African American, or #613 clip and micro beaded extensions for European women. Made with real human hair, our hair extensions can last for a long time as long as you maintain them properly.

  • Perfect Wedding Hair Extensions Tips

    Wedding Hair Extensions

    Every lady wants perfect hair for that big day, and they do like using hair extensions to create that flawless full hair. Whether you like clip ins or tapes extensions, here are some tips for you to get perfect wedding hair.

    First, how long you want to wear that wedding hair? Clip-in extensions are good for you to create wedding hair only for that special day, you can simply add length and then un-clip afterward. If you want to wear that hair for weeks, then tape extensions are ideal.

    Second, prepare some photos from books and online websites, a hairdresser will customize a special look to suit your face shape and personality.

    Be sure to wash your hair before wedding day, and let them dry naturally.

    Want a dramatic effect? Use multiple tones like Ombre to create highlight and lowlight.

    Do not apply the clip ins or tapes extensions too close to your hairline, or the hair will tangle badly.

    Do not cut your hair, wear them for days for a seamless hair look.

    If you suffer a great hair loss and your natural hair is quick to frizz or falling apart, New Star is a good source for you to get hair extensions. Our virgin hair extensions last for long period of time and will hold up throughout the wedding event. Hair extension is one of the most important accessories to enhance your beauty in wedding day.

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