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  • 6 Reasons to Buy Human Hair Extensions From New Star

    A popular stylist in the United States said that a hairstyle could make or break your look. Long and thick hair has always help girls a lot in styling and fashion. However, it usually needs a long time for the hair to grow over your shoulders, and long hair needs more care and maintenance, which takes a lot of time. To solve these problems, purchasing human hair extensions is the best option. Hair extensions not only get you the length, texture and color of hair you are dreaming of, but also help you realize instantly. If you are going to get hair extensions for yourself, be sure to select a trusted seller, New Star Hair will be a good choice, they will never let you regret.

    1, The biggest advantage of hair extensions from New Star will give your dream hair length immediately. You do not need to wait for the hair to grow.

    2, Hair extensions work perfectly for girls with thin hair. Just choose the right length and bundles of hair extensions to add extra thickness and volume. If you are not sure to buy how many bundles, please contact our service team, we will give you the most professional advice.

    3, It is pleasure to try different hair color without worrying the damage to your own hair.

    4, Having been bored with straight? Hair extensions offer you the ability to change hairstyle in one minute. New Star supplies a lot of textures, including straight, wave and curl, which one is your favorite?

    5, Clip-in hair extensions are easy to wear. You do not need any other tools, you can wear and remove the extensions within minutes.

    6, It is easy to take care of hair extensions, which could be washed and dyed in the same way as your own natural hair. Wash hair under cold water with gentle shampoo, applying appropriate conditioner regularly will keep your extensions in good state.

    Red Purple Ombre Hair

  • 5 Tips to Choose Best Hair Extensions

    Hair Extensions Length

    Hair extensions are a great solution to add length and volume to your own hair, because you will never have been able to achieve by letting it grow solely. However, before purchasing extensions, it is better to take the following factors into consideration.

    Choose 100% Remy Virgin Hair

    Hair extensions are available in several types, which include virgin remy hair, non-virgin remy hair and synthetic hair. Some manufacturers claim that they are using 100 percent human remy hair, but most of them actually mix virgin and non-virgin hair together to cut the cost. Be sure to read reviews about these manufacturers before placing your order, choose a reputable store. The highest quality hair type is virgin remy hair.

    Match Your Lifestyle

    Taking your lifestyle into consideration when choosing hair extensions, which do need extra maintenance. If you are too busy to maintain hair extensions on a daily basis, then try clip-in extensions, it will be a good fit. You will have to make a new hair care routine if choosing semi-permanent hair extensions. To prevent your extensions from tangling when working out, it is better to putting your hair into a low braid.


    Hair extensions come from Chinese, Indian, African and Brazilian. Each hair extension type could fit several hair textures. Chinese extensions is more suitable for medium hair, while Brazilian hair has a high density. Do not choose hair extensions or weaves that don't match your own hair, or it won't look natural.

    Color Match

    Most companies offer hair extensions in natural black, medium brown and n dark brown colors. A perfect color means that your hair extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair and look natural.

    Professional Stylist

    Hair extensions application need to be done by a professional if you want it to be tough, you may also learn the technique from cosmetology school. However, if you choose to go to a certified stylist, you will feel secure that your are going to get a seamless application. If you get an improper application, you may have issues and feel uncomfortable in your daily life.

  • Curling Irons for Different Curls

    There are a lot types and sizes of curling irons on hair market, and these curling irons can define different curls according to their barrel's diameter, which ranges from 10mm to 50mm, each of these barrels could produce different kinds of curls. The larger the barrel's diameter is, the looser the curls are, if you want perfect curls as desired, it is better to find the curling iron with suitable barrel's diameter.

    10mm Diameter

    Curling iron with this barrel's diameter could create tight curls, which you could see on kinky curly hair.

    10mm Curling Iron

    Kinky Curly Hair

    15mm Diameter

    If you want a natural curly hair, use the curling iron with 15mm barrel's diameter.

    15mm Curling Iron

    Natural Curly Hair

    20mm Diameter

    The following vintage curl hairs look great, you can use a 20mm curling iron to achieve.

    20mm Curling Iron

    Vintage Curly Hair

    25mm Diameter

    The curling iron with 25mm barrel diameter can give you soft waves.

    25mm Curling Iron

    Soft Wavy Hair

    31mm Diameter

    31mm barrel diameter curling iron works for bob, medium length and layered curls.

    31mm Curling Iron

    Layered Curly Hair

    38mm Diameter

    If you want long beach wave with voluminous curls, this curling iron is perfect.

    38mm Curling Iron

    Long Beach Wave Hair

    50mm Diameter

    The largest one is 50mm, such curling iron is not for creating curls, but is to give you rounded style to the ends of your hair.

    50mm Curling Iron

    Rouned Style to Hair Ends

  • Brazilian Body Weave Customer Review

    Model Wearing Brazilian Body Wave Bundle

    This article is a customer review made by Nacy from New Star clients group.

    I bought one body wave weave extensions from New Star Hair company three weeks ago, now as a happy and returning customer, I am pleased to write a positive review form them, to give a guide to my friends or some women who are still seeking for a trusted hair dealer to buy their first bundle of extensions.

    In a word, I am very satisfied with my first purchase with them, the body weave hair is in N Dark Brown, the color looks very natural, due to usage of Brazilian hair, the extensions look full and thick.

    I was very impressed when I opened the FedEx package, which arrived to me the next two days after placing the order on their site. My friends at home were also surprised when I wore this body wavy extensions out together with them. The point I like most in the hair is that it has a real N Dark Brown color, I mean the color is natural, not be dyed to be, I am very sure because I have made a test, within these three weeks, I have washed this hair three times but it still retain its original pattern and keeps the natural color like the first time I saw it. That's the main reason I recommend New Star Hair.

    Why I rank it 4 star not 5?

    Some friends of mine usually bought smelly hair extensions before, but I felt very lucky because the one chosen by New Star for me did not have any odor. The only thing I think why I did not give it a 5 star because the length is half an inch shorter, I measured the weave, it is not 30 inches, so I thought it would be fuller.

    Model Wearing Brazilian Body Wave Bundle1


    The hair is good, but I think there is some place selling a better one, although I do not want to take a risk action to try another seller. So, I am going to place my second order with them, but before sending the money, I will tell the problem on my first order, hope they could do better on my second hair extensions. The following is my video review.

  • Ultimate Guide to Find The Best Hair Extensions Online

    Ombre Hair Brazilian Straight Wave

    It is not a secret that long and thick hair helps you look young and beautiful, it will show your inner confidence. Hair extensions are a nice method to add length and volume to your natural hair, which makes it look more healthy. However, purchasing hair extensions is a difficult process, you must know your needs first, then study different types of extensions in various colors and textures. Here this complete guide will help you choose the best hair extensions wholesale on the internet.

    Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic Extensions

    First, you must decide whether to buy human hair extensions or synthetic extensions. The former is made with real human hair, which is easy to be styled just like you do to your own hair. Human hair extensions can withstand heat as well, but they are usually sold at a high price. Synthetic extensions are made from synthetic materials, they can not withstand a certain high amount of heat, or they will burn. We suggest women buy human hair extensions because it brings you a lot of styling benefits.

    Hair Color

    Deciding on your hair color is an important step when purchasing hair extensions. Because you want the extensions to perfectly match with your natural hair, right? If you failed to determine which color to buy, this will result in an inconsistent look. To achieve a perfect look, you can borrow a color swatch from your local beauty store, this will help you choose the hair color accurately, which could closely match your own hair color.

    Hair Types

    Here the hair types I am going to introduce are the installation ways of extensions. First, the most popular is sew-in extensions, which are in a wide range of colors and textures. What’s more, this type of extensions will help you create a lot of unique hairstyles easily every day.

    The second is clip-in extensions, which is the easiest one to use. You only need some clips to install. However, this extensions can not be used for important events because they can suddenly drop off.

    The third type is wigs, which include lace frontal, full lace wigs and so on. New Star Hair wholesale full lace wigs at cheap price, they are all glueless and very convenient to wear.

    Regardless whatever type you want to purchase, it is better to compare each and then make your decision. Always read reviews from other customers to decide which product is right for you.

    Purchase Online or From Local Store

    Many women prefer going to a local beauty store to buy hair extensions, while I think online store could offer a greater variety, and it is also much cheaper when buying online. We must admit that buying hair extensions is a very tricky business if you do not know which one to buy. If so, this step-by-step extensions buying guide will help you get the best one and rock the most fabulous hair style. So, having decided the hair type and color? Now buy your extensions today.

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