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  • Follow These Tips to Find a Reliable Hair Extensions Supplier

    New Star Hair Models

    Hair extensions industry is an increasing market with millions of dollars across the globe. Salons offer hair extensions products, so do online sellers who directly provide hair to customers. A lot of them claim selling best virgin hair extensions, which are smooth, soft and lustrous. With so many hair suppliers, how do you find one that will give you top virgin hair? Here I share some tips here.

    First, you must know how to evaluate hair quality. Virgin remy hair such as Brazilian virgin hair is widely considered to be the best in the market. The hair can be styled just like your natural hair. Virgin hair can return to its natural state after washing. So, a lot of sellers use words "virgin hair" on their products name.

    Some sellers coat their hair with silicone to hide the over-processing fact. The hair will turn dry, dull and easily tangle after being washed.

    Second, quality packaging is needed. Even if the hair is in good quality, the bundles will tangle or matt if they are not packaged properly. The quality control of some big sellers ends as soon as the shipment of hair. However, we, New Star Hair, ensures each bundle is packed well before shipping, the hair will be placed in a box for added protection.

    When finding a seller of hair extensions, do not just judge on good reviews, sometimes negative reviews are very powerful because wearing extensions has many safety issues. However, without proper care, your extensions will also not last long. So, before deciding on which hair company to buy from, do not judge on a single feedback, so lots of research first on trusted forums or sites.

  • Pick The Right Hair Color for You

    Hair Colors Samples

    Are you going to get yourself hair extensions? But afraid that they will look fake and not natural? Or worrying that the color you pick will not match your natural hair color?

    Before changing your style or look with hair extensions, be sure to pick high quality extensions because they will be a good investment. Good extensions will look more beautiful and natural.

    One important thing you must keep in mind when buying hair extensions is their color. Different hair vendors or salons may use different color measurement on their hair extensions, so sometimes it is a little confusing for you to pick out the right color.

    Tips to Pick The Right Hair Shade

    Maybe the most important part of your hair extensions that will affect how naturally it look is the hair where the extension is attached to, that part should match your natural hair as close as possible. To ensure your new extensions to look natural, please blend the color at the bottom of your hair.

    If you are going to pick your extensions at a local hair store or salon, just hold the extensions close to your hair to perform a color test, so that will be easy for you to judge whether the color of the extensions would be a nice match. Please remember, the most critical step is to compare the color with that of your hair ends.

    If you are buying extensions from an online hair vendor, a lot of hair companies will send you free hair sample. You just need to pay few extra dollars. When choosing the samples, just pick the one that will match your natural hair color closely. Besides, other companies may ask you to send some strands of your hair so they can customize the extensions that probably match your hair perfectly. May be this is the best solution. The following are the hottest celebrities rocking popular colored hair.

    Beyonce Red Hair

    Rihanna Red Hair

    Katy Perry Blue Colored Hair

    Nicki Minaj Green Colored Hair

  • How to Buy Seamless Remy Hair Extensions?

    Loose Wave Hair Extension

    Without waiting your hair to grow long, hair extensions are a perfect way to add volume and length to your hair. However, it is a difficult task to choose the best hair extensions because there are so many extensions in hair market. You can seek advice from a professional hair stylist, here are some things you need to keep in mind when picking the best hair extensions.

    Hair Material

    According to material, there are human hair and synthetic fiber. The latter is much cheaper and has a wide range of color options. However, real human hair extensions not only last longer, but they could also be styled easily.

    Remy Hair Extensions

    It is the best extensions, it uses bunding method, the hair roots and ends are flowing the correct direction. The extensions could be treated like your natural hair. Besides, remy hair extensions are less likely to get tangled.

    Hair Color

    It is important to choose a suitable color because this will give you a more natural and seamless hair look, so choose the hair extensions that match your own hair color. There are a large variety of colors you can choose, so make sure you choose the correct shade.

    Hair Maintenance

    Generally speaking, high quality hair extensions require less maintenance, in order to keep your hair healthy, you need to brush your hair regularly to detangle it. If you choose quality extensions, it will take less time for you to care for them. Do not tie your hair when it is wet to avoid breakage.

  • How to Choose The Best Hair Extensions?

    Choose Perfect Brazilian Hair Extensions

    There are a lot advantage of wearing hair extensions, after reading this, you will know why women love to wear them.

    Adding hair extensions will give your hair a break, which may cause breakage if you put more emphasis on your own hair.

    Hair extensions adds thickness and volume whether you are wearing weave, wigs or wefted hair extensions.

    If you love beauty very much and want to change a new hairstyle each day, then hair extensions will fulfill this need.

    You do not need to bleach your natural hair because hair extensions can easily add highlight effect on your own hair.

    Whether you want a presentable looking at work or a dolled up for night ot, hair extensions make this a snap, it is great for thos women who do not have time to style their hair every day.

    There are also many other pros, I want to say, good hair extensions just flow with your own hair seamlessly, they blend so well that no one can tell you are wearing extensions. However, how to buy good extensions? Here are three things you should keep in mind:

    First, texture. You have to buy hair extensions that match your hair texture. If your hair is straight, you should know to avoid buying wavy or curly extensions.

    Second, color. A lot of colors and shades existed on the market. Choosing the right color for your hair extensions will achieve a beautiful look. You should stick to hair extensions that closely match your natural hair color. Bright Ombre color is in trend to experiment new hair styles.

    Third, length. In summer, if you want to look clean and not that hot, you can go short extensions. If you want to look more sexy, then you should go for long body wave extensions.

  • Why You Should Choose Curly Hair Extensions?

    613 Kinky Curly

    When someone is wearing hair extensions, it is better not to be indentified that you are wearing an extension. There are a lot of extensions available in online e-commerce sites and local store. And now hair extensions have been very popular among people who love fashion.

    Compared with straight hair, it is easy to style and color on curly hair, which looks more natural, healthier and bouncy than straight hair. If you choose a proper color, it will be very difficult to tell it from the real human hair.

    Curly hair offers more hair extensions applying methods. You can use special glue to stick the extensions or clip it with clips. When you want to apply hair extensions to the weak hair, clipping is the only method. So, when you use curly extensions, there will be a wide range of bonding methods.

    Curly extensions can keep its style for a long time. When you are going out for a party or some other special occasions, which usually last for a whole day, if you are wearing hair extensions out, you need to consider how long you will be out, because the hair bonding will not keep long, the hair may lose its charm after a while, so you need to restyle your hair in the party. But sometimes it is really annoying if can not find a room to restyle your hair. However, curly hair extensions will not have this problem.

    Its benefits are obvious. But there is one disadvantage you can not ignore, which is the cost. Curly hair extensions have been more and more popular and a lot of beauty stores offer such service. However, the cost of curly hair extensions is much higher than other extensions. Besides, the style of curly takes more time.

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