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Hair Review

  • Why Women Love to Wear New Star Virgin Hair?

    Body Wave Hair Model

    Fashion women always want to improve and change their hairstyles all the time, because hair is a beauty and personality reflection of a woman. Hair extensions have become a necessary part of many women's hair care routine. The significance of virgin hair is they are durable and could be blow dried, curled and straightened. A lot of women need to buy several bundles of hair weaves in order to have a long and full hair appearance. Well, trusted hair company like New Star knows this and could offer you the best human virgin hair bundles.

    New star Hair lights up your dreams. All types of hair, which include Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Mongolian hair, etc, are unprocessed and suitable for all occasions. Real human hair is best for women who are going to attend a birthday party, wedding or other events.

    There are multiple hair textures, straight, body wave, loose wave, natural wave, deep wave, loose curl, deep curl, kinky curly, etc. These hairs and textures could be curled, straightened and whatever style you want to do like you do on your existing hair.

    Each bundle of hair weave weighs about 100g, there are three hair colors available, Natural, Medium Brown and N Dark Brown.

    Hair Smell

    Factory already wash the hair with warm water and shampoo, we also had apply some hair oil before shipment.

    Hair Tangle

    There is a little tangle, just like your own hair, because your hair may become dry sometimes. Please do not comb it when the hair is dry and dirty.

    Hair Split

    Split ends only happens on virgin hair when it is dry. Please put some argan oil on the hair when there are few split ends.

    Can I Color The Hair?

    Yes, our hair can be colored. The general rule is that it is easier to darken the hair than bleaching it. We suggest you dye it to a darker color, because it is difficult for a color to fade. If you are not professional, please have your hair stylist dyed the hair.

  • Bundles with Closure Deals for Independence Day

    Now the federal holiday Independence Day is coming, to celebrate this special moment with you guys who have been supporting us for years, We New Star Hair published popular bundles with closure deals on, which will be available from June 25th to July 4th. The following are your most favorite hair products.

    Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight Bundles with Free Part Closure

    Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair Bundles with Closure

    This hair product contains three straight hair bundles and one lace closure. The hair texture is in straight, click here to buy this product. Long straight hair is many women's dream, whether your hair is thin of fine, with our straight hair weaves, your dream will come true. Our Brazilian straight hair is the most silky and soft virgin hair, each bundle weighs about 100g and is measured to be in true length.

    Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Bundles with Middle Part Closure

    Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Bundles with Middle Part Closure

    I think body wave is the most sexy hair texture. With straight weaves, both are best-selling hair textures on our site. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities choose to wear hair weaves to attend public events, like Kim Kardashian, her hair usually switched between long straight and body wave, but always look beautiful. Click this link to shop this hair.

    Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with 360 Lace Frontal

    Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with 360 Lace Frontal

    360 lace frontal gives you a more natural hair look and allows you to create more hair styles in minutes. This product includes three body wave bundles and one 360 lace frontal. The lace on the frontal will cover your head in 360 degree, looks perfectly natural and flawless. Shop this hair at

  • Why Brazilian Hair is Your Best Option When Choosing Hair Extensions?

    Jennifer Ombre Hair

    The popularity of hair extensions increases, so using them to change your look has become a beauty trend. There are a lot types of hair extensions, for beginners, it will be hard to know which type to choose, and the result will greatly affect your wearing satisfaction.

    Natural is Best

    There are synthetic hair pieces, combination of synthetic fibers and natural hair as well as natural human hair. Synthetic hair is much less expensive than human hair, but it is made of plastic, so synthetic hair could not withstand heat. Even the best synthetic hair could not look as natural as human hair. Brazilian hair is considered to be the best virgin hair material to create better and natural looking hair extensions. Unprocessed natural hair will cost much more than other treated synthetic hairs.

    Collection Method

    The best hair extensions are made of virgin hair. This type of hair extensions has all hairs collected from one single donor, the hair cuticles face the same direction. So the hair extensions will feel smooth and soft. Brazilian straight hair offered by New Star offers glossiness that could be seen on most famous celebrities in red carpet events.

    What You Want

    What is your goal for choosing hair extensions? Additional length, volue or both? If you want long hair flow down your shoulder, you must know how to make the best investment. Brazilian straight hair will be an excellent choice. To increase hair volume, just choose hair pieces in shorter length. Please note, hair company such as New Star provides you with a large variety of hair extensions that will blend perfectly with your existing hair for the most natural look.

  • Gabrielle Union Long Layered Curls Black Hair

    Gabrielle Union Black Hair

    Gabrielle Union was a model before, now she set her sights to acting, here she has a great luscious smile, because her acting career is really blossomed. She wears long black hair that has layered curls middle parted flowing around her shoulders.

    To have this type of look, apply a good moisturizing gel on your clean hair, wind your hair with zigzags on plastic rollers. This is the easiest and fastest way, please wind these rollers on small sections. Your style will last all day.

    Ther other way is more harmful to your hair, it will use hot rollers and hot iron. With hot rollers, usually larger sections of hair will be rolled. With the hot iron you have the painstaking process of rolling each small section to melt the cuticle to conform with the shape of the iron and you still have the open cuticle to deal with. Rolling wet and allowing to dry is your best way as stated above.

  • How to Make Human Virgin Hair Extensions Blend Well With Your Natural Hair?

    Miranda Kerr Hair

    Q: I already have long hair, is it possible to wear longer hair extensions? I bought some hair extensions last time but they did not blend in at all, however, they are not real human hair. So I want to buy some real human virgin hair extensions this time, but I do not know whether they will blend with my hair, I do not want to waste my money, what do you think?

    A: You need to work with somebody to help you choose hair that will blend well with your own hair. I mean, you must buy hair extensions with a texture similar to your own hair. Synthetic hair fibers extension could be used with specific hair types, they can look very good and natural, but with European hair, the extensions will be noticeable unless you find European human hair extensions.

    There are several factors going to affect how natural your hair will look, including stylist performing skill, quality of hair, after care, etc.

    A good hair stylist can make your hair products work better, while good quality hair extensions will give you long-lasting and best looking result. However, the wearer must perform proper maintenance or the extensions won't last long.

    I suggest you visit a hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, discuss with them about options available and your budget. But you need to do your homework first, properly you do not need to research what are the best hair extensions, but some proper care methods need to be learned to keep extensions look good after applying.

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