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Hair Review

  • The Advantage of 360 Lace Frontal

    Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with 360 Lace Frontal

    360 lace frontal is becoming more and more popular. Are you going to buy it? Or still watching other women show how they install and talk about 360 frontal again and again. How do you feel when friends told you that 360 lace frontal really saves your time and money?

    To create a more natural look and make wefts installation simple, it is best for you to buy another 3 bundles with a 360 lace frontal. You can easily find the difference between a lace frontal and a 360 lace frontal. A lace frontal only puts lace at the front part of your head, while a 360 lace frontal wraps around your whole head, there is only an opening in the middle. 360 lace frontal usually comes in size of 22*4*2.

    Natural Look

    The natural hairline of 360 lace frontal makes it appear growing from your scalp. It does not expose the weaving tracks, the hairlines indeed looks like your natural hair.

    Free Styling

    You can style the way you want. You can have the freedom to style all round, choose to wear it in ponytail, this will give you a baby face look and natural feel.

    Save Time

    With 360 lace frontal, it is easy to install, only takes less than one hour, so you do not need to stay in a salon too long. The weaving also takes less time because there is no weft sewing need, less wefts and bundles are required.

    360 Body Wave Lace Frontal


    If you want an easy protective style which you can change frequently, then bundles with a 360 lace frontal will be your best choice.

    If you want to custom made a lace wig by yourself, then choosing bundles with a 360 lace frontal. However, if you want a direct wear and a better experience on lace wigs, then choose full lace wigs.

  • How Many Bundles You Need for a Full Sew-in with a Lace Closure?

    Brazilian Straight Hair 4 Bundles

    A common question that was usually asked by our clients is how many bundles they need for a full sew-in. The answer depends on the fullness, your head size and the length of bundles you select, besides, whether you are going to use a closure will also be a factor.

    Each bundle supplied by New Star Hair weighs about 100 grams, if you choose bundles over 22 inches, that means you will need more bundles, because the longer the length you choose, the more bundles you will need for a full sew-in. You should get more than two bundles if going to do a full head. Please note, your head will feel heavier when there are more bundles, for length in 30 inches, you will need five bundles.

    How Many Bundles for Full Sew-in

  • Why Are Hair Nets Good For Sew-ins?

    Breathable Weaving Nets

    Using a weaving net for sew-ins can bring you a lot of benefits.

    It protects your hair from too much stress or pulling caused by the thread.

    Weaving net gives your hair an extra layer of protection, it secures the hair extensions better on your head.

    The hair weaving nets will give hair extensions complete versatility.

    Do not worry about your cornrows showing, lumpy hair, tracks become loose when the hair grows.

    It helps you to sew your weave in any direction.

    Nets are very helpful for clients with thin hair.

    The hair net is placed on your head directly over your corn-row braids. Then weave tracks are sewn directly on the net.

    When Installing A Sew-in the pulling and tightening action of the needle and thread can sometimes cause breakage to your natural hair if proper care is not used. If using a weaving net that will take away the tension being out on your natural hair because you will be sewing directly to the net.

  • A Girls Review on New Star Virgin Hair

    Brazilian Body Wave Full Hair

    Hope you all are well. Now I am going to talk about something touched on the point. I always said hair care will be hair extension nightmare or success, and it is the truth that you will get what you pay for. If you are going to pay only $50 for a full head of extensions from EBay, the extensions will not be silky and soft, they won't last because they are not human hair.

    To buy real human virgin hair, I suggest New Star, because I have been using hair from them since 2011, I am always pleased with the results. My favorite hair type is Brazilian body wave and Indian straight as I am Afro-Caribbean decent. A few weeks ago, I kept my own hair in natural state but want to add some new extensions in. I removed all old bundles of virgin hair that were previously bought from this vendor, all the hair was still reusable. I washed them with shampoo, let them dry naturally over night, then went to the hairdresser, after, the hair back to brand new condition.

    Brazilian Body Wave Model

    My hairdresser and other clients were impressed when they saw the hair when I said it is the 4th time I am using the same hair.

    I recommend that wearers of virgin hair apply a bit of loving care and follow hair care advice, so the hair could be used as many times as you like. Now I am re-wearing the hair extensions which I have used 3 times since 2016, I am very pleased.

    Here are my top 5 tips for purchasing top virgin hair extensions:

    1. Do research and check feedback, then buy from a reputable hair company.

    2. Ensure your hairdresser to be professional to install the hair as a full weft, without need to cut the wefts into shorts pieces. This is very important for hair re-use because cutting will cause shedding.

    3. Brush the hair every day and cover them with scarf every night.

    4. Only wash the hair when you feel they need to be washed, like your own hair, hair extensions will loose natural moisture with each wash.

    5. Moisturize your hair with natural oil 2 or 3 times a week.

    This is my honest review on New Star and my guide to take care of their virgin hair, thanks for taking time to read it.

    Brazilian Body Wave Model Hair Show

  • My First Honest Review About New Star Brazilian Hair

    New Star waves are definitely attractive with Brazilian hair in a natural black, the Brazilian hair attracts the eyes of many buyers. I write this review so that new customers can know my experience and why I recommend New Star, I am very pleased with their products, and I now give this brand five stars out of five.

    I was very impressed when I opened the package, those Brazilian hair weaves are really amazing. They have the natural look and great color which I saw in advertisement. The hair feels so soft, and I am certainly sure they will look great in my hair.

    After testing the hair with some wear and wash, I write this full and honest review about New Star Hair. I have to say their weaves passed the test successfully. After being washed, there was some shedding but this was not a big problem, I did some treatment to improve the softness as well. Overall, the Brazilian hair weaves from New Star retained its quality and shape very well, I am thrilled with the testing result.

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