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Hair Review

  • Trendy Ombre Hair Review

    What is "Ombre"

    Ombre, a French world, means "shaded" or "shading". And Ombre hair is one of the most popular hairs in recent years. A bundle of Ombre weave hair has a darker color at the hair root, then the hair color gradually gets lighter from the middle to the end. The Ombre hair could be easily achieved by using a balayage technique. Ombre hair is a good-looking hairstyle for clients.

    A lot of women, including some celebrities, they like Ombre hair but do not want to dye their hairs, so purchasing bundles of Ombre hair weaves is a good option to them. Ombre hair is more like a celebrity hairstyle, there are a lot of super stars wearing such hair in the public, the following pictures show you some celebrities with Ombre hairstyle.

    Celebrities Who Try Ombre Hair

    Rihanna Tries Ombre Hair

    Olivia Wilde with Ombre Hair
    Olivia Wilde

    Lauren Conrad with Ombre Hair
    Lauren Conrad

    Khloe Kardashian with Ombre Hair
    Khloe Kardashian

    Lea Michele with Ombre Hair
    Lea Michele

    Chrissy Teigen with Ombre Hair
    Chrissy Teigen

    How to Colored to be Ombre Hair?

    One main reason why Ombre hair is so popular is that this hairstyle looks good on almost anyone. Many clients do not want to put light hair pieces at the end because this looks terrible, they need their hairs to look more natural, so the only way is to coloring or purchasing some bundles of Ombre weaves. Here are some quick tips to color Ombre hair.

    First, cut the hair before you make balayage, then use a good brush for application, be sure that the hair is completely saturated. Finally, backcombine the saturated sections to the hair and make sure it blends well with the other sections. Ombre hair coloring is very easy, try it and you will get a nice hairstyle.

  • Customers 100% Satisfaction on New Star Hair

    Now, with the end of the big 11.11 global shopping festival, we just shipped those orders customers placed on Nov. 11. Although our team members are a little tired because there are thousands of orders for us to arrange, we are more happy to find out there are still a lot of loyal customers and new clients to support our hair business, now your orders have been completely shipped out, and we are waiting for your good feedback, actually some of our customers have shown their 100% satisfaction and shared such a great shopping experience by picturing on Instagram. Here I will show how they think about our hair products.

    Here is the review from Brandi, she bought three bundles in body wave texture, of size 20, 22 and 22. The following is what she thought about our hair.

    "Actually I rarely left a feedback before but this time I need you to know something about this hair. It is the best hair vendor I have ever met, because I have been buying from New Star since 2014, this time they gave me a good price as always, now I have had the hair in about one month now, it still holds curls, the hair was eveything as it should be, no tangling, no shedding, no matting, no smell, thick bundles from root to the end, they are true, I do not have to tell a lie here, I dyed this hair, but still looks good."

    You can buy this hair at, it is a bundle in Peruvian texture, which is thicker and looks fuller than other types. Please see how Brandi look like when wearing it.

    Brandi H Wearing Body Wave Hair

    Brandi H Wearing Body Wave Hair 2

    Brandi H Wearing Body Wave Hair 3

    Brandi H Wearing Body Wave Hair 4

    "Really love the hair, it was my first time ordering from New Star, but I was not disappointed, I bought the Peruvian straight in 14, 16 and 18 inches, I had them permed for a new hair style in a salon, does it look beautiful? After being permed, the hair still feels soft like natural hair, now I used them 3 months, there are minimal shedding and tangling, a good shopping experience with New Star.", saying from Juna.

    The hair product is available at

    Vanisa Wearing Peruvian Straight Hair

    Vanisa Wearing Peruvian Straight Hair 2

    Vanisa Wearing Peruvian Straight Hair 3

    The combination of bundles and closure is also highly welcomed. The following is how our customer say about her purchase, which is body wave bundes in 16, 18 and 20, as well as a 14-inch closure.

    "Hair was very soft and look exactly like the photos, lace closure is also good, the package came very fast. Bundles hold curls perfectly. I have had this hair installed for nearly two months, it works with the closure nicely, super manageable, and no tangle at all, and does not shed much. Really love them and I hope to buy from New Star again."

    Buy this body wave hair and closure at and

    Lily Wearing Bundles and Closure

    Lily Wearing Bundles and Closure 2

    Lily Wearing Bundles and Closure 3

  • The High Popularity of Custom Made Wigs

    Amber Rose Wearing Wig

    In the past several years, custom made wigs have been the hot discussion in the streets. Women can easily and quickly change their look and style by wearing a wig. The high popularity of custom made wigs sometimes is due to the usage on celebrities. Some super stars like Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna Fenty, Gwen Stefani, etc., they wore custom made wigs in talk show and other public areas. They usually wore wigs with dramatic colors and style.

    Now, wigs are more and more becoming the essential products like handbags for women. Not just for African American, every woman now has not only one wig, they have two or even three custom made wigs that could be worn for nights out in the streets. Usually a gorgeous wig could get a woman a dramatic look and extra attention in a VIP club. She will stand out from the crowd and have more fun.

    Brazilian Virgin Hair Straight

    In order to make your wig last longer and do better in styling your looks, you must purchase the best virgin hair. Now in the market, the best wigs are usually made of Brazilian virgin hair, which adopts 100% Brazilian hair as raw material. So, if you want to dye, heat or styling your wigs as desire, you'd better choose a good wig with real Brazilian virgin hair.

    Lady Gaga Wears Wig

    The market of custom made wigs will grow bigger and bigger in the future. There are also many stylists learning how to make better wigs, some even has made technical classes for women to learn how to construct their wigs. Women can easily get more skill in styling their wigs on YouTube and other platforms.

    When there are too many wigs online and it is easy to get the similar hairdo, so customizing your own wig is becoming essential and urgent.

  • Spotted: @Daria J.

    Daria J. is a new client of New Star Hair, she is not a very happy customer until her purchase from us. She contacted me last week and asked a lot of questions about the hair, because she had a lot bad experience with other bundles that were bought from other sellers, so I completely understood what she was worrying about. I said there are several grades of hair products on the market, you really needed to be careful if you want to pick up the best ones. I introduced our 5-star hair but she still did not trust me a lot, and kept asking whether the hair will tangle or matt. So, facing a customer that has been scammed a lot times by other sellers, I took a video for her to convince. So I went to our warehouse and pick several bundles of body wave hair, I run my fingers through the hair and showed this to her through iPhone, I also measured the length to confirm they were really true to length as we described. After seeing the video I took, she finally decided to buy 4 bundles.

    When I was going to ship her order, she asked me if I could do a hair experiment because she worried the wave pattern would not last for some time. So I took a body wave hair sample from our warehouse, shampoo it and do a deep conditioning, I also dried the hair with towl and finally blow it with a dryer, the body wave pattern immediately back to its original state after being dried. I shipped the hair order by DHL, she received the package at the beginning of this week and left us a good feedback, as she said, "hair is amazing, bundles are fabulous! no smell.. and lots of compliment!"

    Daria J Wearing Body Wave Bundle

    Daria J Wearing Body Wave Bundle1

    Daria J Wearing Body Wave Bundle2

    Daria J Wearing Body Wave Bundle3

    Daria J Wearing Body Wave Bundle4

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