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Hair Knowledge

  • How to Choose to Wear Suitable Length of Hair Extensions?

    Hair Extension Before and After

    Sometimes it is hard to make a decision on which length of hair extensions to choose. Today at New Star, we will bring you an easy guide on selecting the right hair length.

    It is important to get the right length but at the same time you want hair extensions to blend well with your own natural hair. Here are New Star, we offer hair bundles from 10 to 34 inch, the most popular length is 20-22 inches.

    The best way to check which length of hair extensions will perfectly match you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards. This will let you know how much longer of hair extensions you need when being compared to your own hair.

    Do not choose extensions that are too much longer than your own hair, although it is ok to wear long extensions in short hair, hair will look more natural if it is subtly blended with hair extensions.

    Rules are, hair that is already longer than shoulder length can be blended with longer extensions, hair that is shoulder length and above will work best with extensions that are no longer than 20-22 inches. It is best to know your hair extensions length choice, follow the guidelines above, you will have dream hair length and volume.

  • How to Choose The Right Hair Brush?

    In our last post, we discussed how to use your hair bush in a right way, today, I am going to share another post about hair brush, it is about how to choose a right one.

    Paddle Brush

    The paddle brush is ideal for smoothing out naturally straight hair and achieving straight styles, keeping it sleek, clean and tame.

    Hair Paddle Brush

    Vented Brush

    Taking too long blow drying your hair? The vented brush will do the trick for you! It helps detangle your hair and shorten blow dry time. It's also perfect for adding a little volume and bounce to your locks.

    Vented Hair Brush

    Round Brush

    Add a wavy, bouncy finish to your blow out by using a round brush. Make sure to lift up the sections of your hair as you blow dry to give it the volume you want.

    Round Hair Brush

    Bristle Brush

    The bristle brush is your styling kit must-have! It's virtually an all-rounder, great for achieving basic styles with bounce, wave and shine.

    bristle hair brush

    Mixed Bristle Brush

    Manage your thick hair by routinely brushing your hair with a mixed bristle brush. Aside from helping you style your hair into form, the mixed bristle brush can also keep your hair's natural oils evenly distributed.

    mixed bristle brush

    Parting Comb

    The parting or 'rat tail' comb is a basic comb with a tapered handle used for parting your hair into sections that makes achieving complicated styles as easy as 1-2-3.

    Parting Comb

    Wide Tooth Comb

    Maintaining your curly hair can be quite difficult especially when you want to keep your tresses shiny with a healthy finish. Keep your curls tangle-free by using a wide tooth comb when you are still in the shower.

    Wide Tooth Comb

  • The Myths of Hair Extensions

    Hair Extensions Textures

    Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether hair extensions are the correct choice for you or not. There are a lot myths about hair extensions and you may be confused. So finding the truth behind hair extensions is the best way to look at the facts about these popular hair-transforming tresses.

    First, hair extensions are affordable. Many women think that hair extensions are beyond their price range, and average person can not afford them. This is not true, even human virgin hair extensions are more affordable than you think, synthetic extensions are getting better and better due to new high-end hair technology.

    Second, hair extensions do not damage your natural hair. If you have hair extensions installed by an experienced hair stylist in a salon, then your natural hair will not be ruined. It is very important for you to follow maintenance tips. Brushing the hair extensions from the root down to the ends to avoid tangling, use recommended hair products to co-wash your extensions.

    Third, hair extensions are not committed forever. Extensions could be removed and then added to you again later, so they give you the chance to get creative different hair looks.

    Fourth, installing and removing hair extensions will not hurt. There will be no pain when putting or removing your hair extensions. Extensions coming from New Star Hair could be installed quickly and easily. They will also not feel heavy at your natural hair, you are also able to wear them when sleeping.

    Lot of people such as celebrities and co-workers on the street are wearing hair extensions, which is an affordable way to create a new look, giving you a choice to add length, color, volume and anything you want. Now you see all facts about the extensions, do you feel more confident about getting yourself a new hair look?

  • How to Deal with Flyaways of Your Wigs?

    Sometimes we are disturbed by the flyaways hair, now I am going to share some basic tips on how to deal with your flyaways, even though we can not make sure the flyaways become zero, and small amount of flyaways hair will make your wig look more natural.

    First, use Hair Flyaway Tamer, it will easily smooth the flyaways on your wig.

    Hair Flyaway Tamer

    Second, part the wig well, wet the hairline with hairspary. Then use a curling iron to press the line repeatedly, this will tame flyaways. Please make sure the iron temperature not too high or it will damage your hair.

    Third, part your hair, put lotion evenly around your parting, condition it for a few minutes, we could tame the flyaways through this way.

    Apply Hair Lotion

    Silk Scraf Around Hair

  • How to Hide Your Clip In Hair Extensions?

    #1B Clip In Hair Extensions

    We have introduced clip in hair extensions before, now you should be a little familiar with this type of extension, our site offers natural black and #613 clip in hair extensions. They are amazing tool to add length, volume and subtle highlights throughout your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions are usually popular among European women. If you are a fan, here I share some tricks on how to hide your clip in hair extensions to create a flawless finish.

    When applying clip in hair extensions, it only needs a little extra work for an undetectable look. One top tip to hide clip in hair extensions is to find the correct match. Every woman has an unique hair and there are a lot of different shades, so it is a hard task to find one to match your own hair. If you are stuck on which color to choose, please email our professional customer service team at, they will help you.

    The second tip is to trim your clip in hair extensions to blend. If you have layered tones or razored hair ends, this is very important for a natural finish.

    If your hair is super soft, then those clips maybe slip and not stay secure on your head. You need to spritz your hair with some dry shampoo to add grip, so these clips can stay on. If the hair that is covering the clip in extensions is too thin, just tease the section of hair so the extensions will not peek through.

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