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Can Hair Be Eaten

Strange question, right? You may thought about this question before, even some girls try to taste and eat those stringy stuff. But seriously, whether or not, does hair can be eaten?

First of all, I should give you a news about a girl eat her own hair for years and at last doctors took out a huge and gross stomach-shape hairball from her stomach. If you don't mind, visit the link and have a look.

So the news shows us a fact in a hard way, namely you'd better don't even think about eating hair. Our stomachs have difficulty to digest those thread stuff, and if someone keep doing that, all the hair will ball up and block your little space of stomach, the baddest things are this is going to hurt you and impede eating real food.

Is it all? Let's hold on for a moment. Just so you know, we should find out what hair is exactly made of. According to Wiki page:

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin.

So hair is actually a kind of proteins, and protein is extremely important to human body. Imagine, say you accidentally swallow a hair, are you going to be panic or just cool with it. I believe it is OK for one hair at a long interval that be eaten into your body, because after all it is a protein matter as its nature. So in other word, it is totally fine if you just eat very few hair.

However, when it comes to a big bulk, that becomes a serious and severe problem. As a matter of fact, there is a illness categorized in pica called Trichophagia. People with this illness have compulsive desire and habit to eat their own hair, shed or pull down. It is a very serious problem and should be treated as early as possible before a mass of hair bezoar block off gastrointestinal system. Especially parents who have kids with pica should really take good care and educate their children, ask for professional doctors if necessary.

Since hair is one kind of protein, then it is not surprise to know it has another usage. Some Chinese sauces are made of hair which has been hydrolyzed from protein to amino acid, hydrolytic amino acid is the secret of great taste of soy. You may feel gross, but trust me, it is just psychological effect. Because with being proper sterilizing and processing, you don't eat hair, you eat amino acid. Nevertheless, I suggest buying high quality sauce.

So at last, what is conclusion? It's best not to eat hair.

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