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  • How to Care For Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

    Bleaching or coloring the hair will change hair texture, sometimes the hair will be damaged if these are not done properly, so we always suggest you take advice from a professional hair stylist. And dydrating, deep conditioning and moisturizing the hair must be done for at least 30 minutes.

    The following are general tips every one should follow in taking care of their straight, body wave or curly hair.

    First, treat the hair extensions like your own hair, taking good care of them will extend the hair life.

    Second, use heat protectant before using heat.

    Third, do not sleep when your hair is wet.

    Fourth, weft sealing is very important if you want to reduce shedding.

    All hair weaves from New Star can last more than one year if with good maintenance and strong weft sealing. While different hair types with various textures need to be maintained specially.

    Our virgin Brazilian body wave hair can be straightened, it requires weekly washing and conditioning, a light oil such as argan will keep hair healthy and moisturized. While Brazilian curly is coarser than other textures we have, it needs daily care to maintain its natural state. Here are a step-by-step advice on care for your Brazilian hair.

    Detangling - run fingers through the hair first, then use large tooth comb, smooth the hair with a paddle brush, style the hair as desired.

    Washing - use gentle shampoo, wash the hair weaves from root to end, do not rub the hair, rinse the hair thoroughly.

    Conditioning - after rinsing the hair with clean water, apply a certain amount of conditioner on the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to brush to make sure conditioner applied evenly. Let the conditioner moisturize hair for about 20 minues.

    Curling - use flexible rods or curl wand. Add argan oil when curling your wet hair.

    How to Bring Brazilian Body Wave Back?

    New Stare virgin Brazilian body wave hair is very sexy and exotic in its wavy pattern. It is true body wave hair, water alone can make the hair wave back up. While after being worn for a long time, the hair tends to lose the wavy pattern and go straight. To restore the curls in your Brazilian body wave hair, you should wash the hair first to remove any chemical build up you have added before. Simply use a curling wand to regain the original curly beauty. However, it is best to use flexi rods because it could create longer lasting curls than curling wand. After removing the flexi rods on your hair, use fingers to comb and style, you will find our Brazilian body wave hair is a good investment if properly maintained.

    To buy the finest quality Brazilian body wave hair, please visit Use code 'NEW5' when checking out, please check the following hair product, it is the best seller of New Star body wave hair, and now it is discounted up to 10% off.

    Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles with Lace Closure

    Brazilian Body Wave Bundles with Closure

  • The January 2018 Promo Code For Shopping on New Star Hair

    Now new year 2018 is coming, you want to be beautiful from hair to dresses and also need to save up some money for summer holiday, right? Now New Star published the promo code NEW5 for our clients. Use this code, you will get 5% discount off when checking out on our site(

    Whatever hair products or quantity, the code could be applied. How to use this promo code? Please see photo below.  Fill code 'NEW5' in Discount Codes form and then click APPLY Coupon button, then you will see the product price will be discounted.

    This code is valid from December 27th 2017 to January 31st 2018.

    New Star Hair Promo Code

  • New Star - My 5 Star Virgin Hair Vendor

    New Star Hair Body Wave Review

    The following article is an honest review from one of our clients, Ashley Chennel.

    New Star Brazilian body wave is really attractive, in natural black and the product absolutely catch the eyes of many hair buyers. I wrote this review so other customers can see my experience and why I am very pleased with my purchase. I give the hair 5 stars of five.

    Ashley Chennel Body Wave Review

    When I openned the package, I was impressed, I bought three bundles with one middle part closure, they all look natural and just like I saw on their website. Hair feels so soft and high quality, I was sure they will perfectly blend with my natural hair.

    Ashley Chennel New Star Body Wave Review

    I could write this honest review because I have fully tested it with some wear and wash, the Brazilian body wave weaves passed the test brilliantly. Minimal shedding after washing, but that's not enough to really complain about, overall, the body wave retained its shape and I loved the results.

    My 5 Star Virgin Hair

    I hopefully all of you can read my review, there are a lot of benefits of these hair bundles, and I give it a perfect score. Most buyers choose New Star because of their natural look, perfect color and the way they hold curls. Overall, this is a highly recommended hair product.

  • New Star - The Company Offers The Most Pure Virgin Brazilian Hair

    Virgin hair is the most sought after hair among African Americans, it is also highly popular in those hollywood celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, etc. You can see these stars or models usually appeared in the public with different beautiful hair styles, actually they were wearing hair extensions. Take Kim Kardashian for example, long straight and body wave are two most favorite hair styles she would like to wear. So, hair extensions have become a necessary part in their daily life. Among so many types of hair extensions from different origins, virgin Brazilian hair is the best type of human hair extensions. However, few companies in the market offer you the real virgin Brazilian hair, most of them took cheaper Indian hair to deceive clients. So, here I will give an introduction on how to tell it is real virgin Brazilian hair and where to buy the most pure Brazilian hair.

    To ensure that you are buying real virgin Brazilian hair, first, you must guarantee it is virgin hair. You can check from the following four aspects to find out the claimed virgin hair to be real or fake. First, check its color. Virgin hair usually has the donor's hair color, which ranges from natural black to light brown. The color of an entire bundle may be not uniform, sometimes the bundle has a darker root, it is very normal to find grey hair strands in one bundle, this does not mean it is not pure virgin hair. Second, some vendors use silicone treatment or chemical straightener coating on their products, this gives the hair a silky appearance, I mean too silky, you can even feel the coating when running your fingers through the hair, this is not virgin hair. Third, to guarantee you are purchasing the most pure virgin hair that is not mixed with synthetic fibers, just do a flame test. If the hair is mixed with synthetic fibers, it will produce a huge flame when it touches a flame.

    After confirming it is virgin hair, then how to ensure the hair you are buying comes from Brazil. Because true Brazilian hair is very rare, it is usually sold at a higher price than hair coming from other origins. I think this is the main fact for you to decide whether the hair comes from Brazil or not. Those vendors online who sell their hair products at a cheap price actually do not offer you real virgin Brazilian hair. So, where to find a trusted dealer to buy the most pure virgin Brazilian hair? I recommend New Star, even though the price is a little higher than that of other vendors. The virgin hair from New Star comes in straight, wavy or curly textures, all could be styled very easily and handle heat well, the wavy and curly hair can hold a curl all day. The virgin Brazilian hair from New Star blends well with most natural ethnic hair textures. The following photo shows a feedback from an important client of ours, she said she used that hair for almost 3 years, the hair still looks good. This proves real virgin Brazilian hair has a longer hairlife, usually lasts for more than a year.

    New Star Hair Customer Feedback

  • How to Get Free Virgin Hair From New Star

    There are a lot of hair companies that sell hair products, many of them claim that their hair products are made of virgin human hair, but sold at a cheap price, in my opinion, actually they are not selling the real virgin hair even their product names contain the two words "virgin hair", they are cheating you. Real human virgin hair products are sold at a high price, because the hair is cut from single one donor and completely unprocessed, not everyone is able to buy virgin hair, so, here comes the question, how to get free virgin hair? Under such high competitive hair business, it is easy to get free virgin hair because every hair company competes with each other to take over more market share, some companies offer free samples, some will hold giveaway in their social medias such as Instagram to give free virgin hair as prize. These are all free ways for you to get the best virgin hair, you do not need to pay, just follow their Instagram or Facebook to participate the giveaway events they held.

    How to Get Free Virgin Hair From New Star

    New Star offers two great ways for you to get free virgin hair. First, we will hold giveaway event on instagram page(@newstarhairleon) each month, you can follow this instagram account to participate the giveaway and then win free bundles, usually the prize will be three straight or body wave bundles, or other hair textures, in inch of 14, 16 and 18. As you know, three bundles are very enough for you to make a full hair appearance because these bundles offered by New Star are made of real virgin hair.

    New Star Celebrities

    Second, New Star will send free virgin hair to online celebrities on Youtube or Instagram each month, these celebrities will be invited to use our hair and after wearing, they will give an honest review. If you have a great amount of audience on Youtube and your channel is mainly on hair, makeup and fashion reviews, please contact us. We will send the hair you want to review.

    These above are two main ways for you to get free virgin hair from New Star hair company. By the way, free samples offered by other hair companies is another way for you to get free hair, but I can not guarantee these samples are real virgin hair.

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